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Comical 2-player game where one plays a dad protecting his infant, and the other pilots a baby intent on self-harm

Comical 2-player game where one plays a dad protecting his infant, and the other pilots a baby intent on self-harm

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Program license: Paid

Program by: Evil Tortilla Games

Version: 0.2.0

Works under: Windows

Also available for Mac


Program license

(1,951 votes)


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Evil Tortilla Games


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Who's Your Daddy is one of the most unique multiplayer games around. It puts you in the shoes of a new father. While the name might make you think that it's about guessing the father of that newborn, it actually refers to the father or player who does the best job of keeping that baby safe. As you move through the game, you come across different challenges that put your baby in danger. It's your goal to protect that baby and save it from those dangers.

This game features a round robin method of play. When you first load the game, you get to decide on the order in which all users will play. The first player becomes daddy and saves the baby. When that level ends, the second player can step up. Who's Your Daddy lets several people play at the same time. The downside is that there isn't any type of cooperative play. You simply compete against each other to see who does the best job.

Another issue with this game is that certain levels are much harder than others. Who's Your Daddy takes place over the course of a single day, but some levels will last several minutes longer than others. You may find yourself arguing over who really won the game, because some players may score higher on easier levels than others did on the harder levels.

Who's Your Daddy is pretty unique, because it will occasionally show you the baby's view. However, it often focuses on the father's point of view. The baby seemingly has a death wish, because it constantly goes after the most dangerous objects in your virtual house and puts itself in potentially fatal situations. This baby does everything from shoving a metal utensil in an electrical outlet to finding and playing with a loaded gun hidden in the house.

One of the more fun aspects of this game is that it lets you play as both the daddy and the baby. As the father, you must track down the baby in the house, determine what that child will do in the level and stop that baby from harming itself. In addition to doing potentially fatal things, the baby also has a tendency to climb the stairs and then throw itself down those stairs. When you play as the daddy, the game will keep going until you either save that baby or the baby dies.

After playing a level as the daddy, you get to jump in the shoes of the baby. As the baby, it will be your goal to outwit the daddy, which is a feature the the computer controls. You need to find a way to harm or kill that baby before the daddy can save the day. As a multiplayer game, it lets you take turns with a friend as you play as either the daddy or the baby. You can play as daddy as your friend plays as the baby before you switch roles for the next game.

When playing as the baby, the game will end when you either outwit the person playing as the father or if your baby character dies. The game will then send up an alert that lets you know which player won. This menu will also show two buttons. Clicking the button on the left will let you quit and go back to the main menu to switch roles or change to another game. If you click the rematch button on the right, you and the other player can then play against each other again.

As Who's Your Daddy contains some scenes of violence and tells the story of a baby trying to kill itself, it obviously isn't suitable for all ages. You may want to play it with your friends but keep it out of the hands of young children. Some of the humor in the game is a little raunchy too, which makes it inappropriate for younger players. Depending on what you find funny, you may not appreciate the humor in this game yourself.

Another flaw with this game is that its animation and graphics look pretty outdated. Those graphics make it look like a game that a college student made on an older computer rather than a modern title. If you pay for a copy of this game, you might find yourself disappointed. If you can download a copy for free or a low price though, it offers enough fun that it will keep you entertained for hours.

Despite some basic issues, Who's Your Daddy is a lot of fun. You use the buttons on your mouse to move to the right and left, and you can perform other actions with the W, A, S and D buttons on your keyboard. Those buttons let you move the baby to a new place in your level and move objects that the baby might use to harm itself. As the daddy, you're responsible for finding all potentially dangerous objects, including weapons, batteries and even cleaning chemicals. As the baby, you can do unique things like break glass objects and eat the glass shards.

Though it looks a little outdated, Who's Your Daddy is challenging enough for most players. Download a copy to compete against friends and to see who is really the best daddy in the room.


  • The action moves quickly to keep you entertained
  • Controls let you easily move your player and get through situations
  • Has some unique jokes and funny moments that players love
  • Lets you play with several of your friends or family members
  • Suitable for any device running Windows 8 or a higher operating system


  • Only available as a multiplayer game with no single player option
  • The graphics look outdated in comparison to modern games
  • Some of the humor is a little over the top
  • It often feels too repetitive
  • Is best for a few games but not long-term play